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Quick Reference on Mental Health for Faith Leaders

This companion to Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders presents practical information from the guide in compact, quick reference format. The two-page document can be printed double-sided on a single sheet of cardstock, making essential mental health information accessible at a moment’s notice.


Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders

In June 2015, the American Psychiatric Foundation (the public education division of the American Psychiatric Association) published this 20-page booklet intended β€œβ€¦to help faith leaders better understand mental illness and treatment, and better help individuals and families in their congregations facing mental health challenges.”

Part I of Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders begins with an introduction to the concepts of mental health and mental illness. It goes on to describe common mental disorders and provide an overview of other key mental health concepts including suicide, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Part II of the guide focus on supporting individuals with mental illness. This section contains guidance related to making referrals, dealing with reluctance to seek treatment, and recognizing the differences between spiritual problems and mental illness.