Our History

Since 1991 the Episcopal Mental Illness Network has helped people within Episcopal faith communities find ways to connect with and provide support for persons with mental illnesses. Our goal is to provide a network so that people with mental illnesses and their families will find a loving and welcoming presence within the Church.

The EMIN grew out of the awareness of the members of the Presiding Bishop’s Task Force on Accessibility. Their work resulted in recognizing the need for all in the church to understand more about mental illness. We are called to reach out in compassion and service to those affected within our ranks and in the larger community.

The EMIN was originally funded through reimbursements for expenses from the Episcopal Church Center, but after the Task Force for Accessibility was disbanded, the EMIN has received no national funds.

We are a volunteer-run organization and completely self-supporting. The work of the EMIN is continued by contributions from individuals, congregations and dioceses throughout the country.