What One Can Do

Lane Perdue is in the deacon formation program in the Diocese of Phoenix in Arizona. Her ministry focuses on serious mental illness. Her activities form a great example of the things one person can do to bring awareness to the issue. She is connecting with NAMI Phoenix, making presentations, and expanding the awareness of people in her Diocese. Here are some of the things she is doing which may inspire “EMIN News” readers to make a difference wherever they are.

  • Through her connection with NAMI Phoenix, Lane was made NAMI FaithNet coordinator.
  • She has been giving the FaithNet “Bridges of Hope” presentation in various churches in the Phoenix area. About this she says “this is very inspiring to have people connect with the good news that is beginning to be possible for people with Serious mental illness.”
  • She has also been invited to give presentations in northern rural Arizona.
  • NAMI FaithNet has sponsored two “Coffee with the Clergy” events inviting members of the clergy from a number of denominations to come together to learn about mental illness and faith communities.
  • Through her NAMI connection, Lane has taught several 12-week Family to Family courses and is facilitating a NAMI family support group.
  • She participated in an “In Our Own Voice” gathering at the cathedral which gave persons with mental illness an opportunity to share their own perspectives.

This year, as she did in 2011, Lane plans to present a forum at Trinity Cathedral for Mental Illness Awareness week, the 1st week of October. For the second year, she will have a mental illness awareness table at the annual Diocesan convention. She is going to send Information on Mental Health Awareness week to the diocesan office and encourage publicity to Arizona congregations.