Questions about our relationship with God are never more central than when we, or our loved ones are faced with a serious mental illness.

The Church is where many turn for answers and support, and the Church is where they should find a loving and safe haven.

The Episcopal Mental Illness Network provides a compassionate presence within the Episcopal Church for persons with mental illnesses and their families.

The EMIN is a place where we can share information. It also is a resource for Episcopalians, both clergy and lay persons, to find out more about mental illnesses and how to incorporate persons with mental illnesses into the full life of the Church. We hope you find what you are looking for here and come back often to visit. We welcome your feedback, so please let us hear from you. We would particularly like to hear what people in your faith community are doing to support persons with mental illnesses.

Our Mission

The mission of the Episcopal Mental Illness Network (EMIN) is:

  • To seek out and support, through prayer and action, consumers, families and/or service providers in the Episcopal Church whose lives are affected by major psychiatric disorders;
  • To help Episcopalians, clergy and laypersons, become aware of the nature of these illnesses and the special needs and gifts of those affected:
  • To reduce the stigma and misconceptions that prevail and to remove those barriers which frequently prevent persons with psychiatric illnesses and their families from participating in the full life of the Church.